Understanding the value of your inventory

In addition to our programs, we offer all of our clients certain core services that are at the heart of the PCS approach. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and agility: whatever your needs, we’ll find a way to meet them.

Residual Value

Throughout our twenty year history, PCS Wireless has amassed detailed and extensive data around mobile devices. That information about markets, channels, country specificities and more, delivers market-leading insights into the full lifecycle of devices across numerous critical points. As well as using this information to drive our own purchasing and sales, the data enriches our customers’ understanding of the secondary market. It also enables PCS to structure specific and aggregate residual value curves for our clients’ Buy Back and Trade In programs.


Asset Recovery

Whether you’re dealing with returns or distressed inventory, we offer a range of models that meet the level of risk you are comfortable with. As the market leaders, you can trust us to make distribution decisions that protect the value of the market.


Open Market

PCS works with a broad range of channel partners around the world. Our unique business model enables us to build stronger relationships with small to medium size distributors globally, and to understand market trends. That enables us to place the right assets, in the right place, at the right time.



Whatever your industry, we can help build a better end-to-end customer experience through bespoke pricing models, guaranteed pricing and responsible redistribution. Gain market share, boost upgrades and build customer loyalty whilst reducing risk, with our residual value understanding. Find out more about our Swap Program for device exchange here.


No matter what your business issue, we’ll help you develop a strategy that maximizes the value of your inventory.