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Attract new and maintain current customers

From the world’s largest chains and e-tailers, to the local family run operation, all retailers must focus on maintaining inventory that attracts new buyers and presents enough variety to create repeat business with loyal customers. Retailers require equipment supplier solutions that can not only construct the right product mix, but also quickly resolve issues arising from excess inventory.

All retailers seek suppliers that ship the right product, on time, every time, deploy extraordinary in store and back office systems, and consistently demonstrate above average customer service. They also value a trustworthy partner who offers competitive pricing and carries only the highest quality products available on the market today.

Globally, companies who offer only the best in mobile equipment to their customers have partnered with PCS Wireless due to our long track record of being a reliable and expert partner. Our experienced professionals work with retailers all over the world to help them identify new and pre-owned phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and accessories that will sell well in their local market.

Our inventory includes unlocked devices, both GSM and CDMA, in a variety of brands and models. We help our retail partners locate hard to find products and give them the opportunity to bid on unique brands, models and lot sizes in Overstock Wireless, the PCS Wireless Auction Site.

Retailers that partner with PCS Wireless source high quality equipment at competitive prices, retain maximum value for unsold or returned inventory, and introduce Buyback Programs that are as powerful as they are easy to run.

Open Market Programs

Get the best products currently available on the open market, at the best prices. Time your sales and purchases wisely and take advantage of the peaks and valleys of the global mobile equipment marketplace.

Asset Recovery

Recover and retain maximum value for distressed inventory, whether it’s unsold or returned, PCS will help you minimize loss and distribute products responsibly.

Buyback Programs

Offer your customers the greatest possible value for their returned merchandise in order to attract new buyers and encourage repeat business. PCS will provide all the support you need to run an efficient and effective buyback program.

PCS Wireless Online Auction

Join the PCS Wireless Online Auction to take advantage of market-driven pricing and access a vast network of global retailers and distributors. Members of the Online Auction site can place bids on current auctions or purchase products outright.


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