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Optimize distribution and value of inventory

Operators and carriers the world over are consistently looking for ways to increase their average revenue per user (ARPU), the universal standard for growth in the telecommunication services business. One factor contributing to this challenge is the increase in smartphone usage, which enables users to turn to Wi-Fi for data intensive applications, thus reducing revenues typically generated through data plans and services.

This increased tendency of smartphone users to use Wi-Fi has resulted in a transition of revenue from operators to over the top (OTT) providers who generate revenues from the services, applications, and content provided by an operator issued device. Operators aren’t standing still in the face of this challenge. Instead, they are reacting to these alarming trends by migrating to 4G networks and adopting other tools to improve performance. Thus, they will be able to offer their subscribers a superior experience to that of local Wi-Fi networks.

In addition to building a higher caliber of network services, operators are also increasingly focused on cost reduction to balance out the loss of revenue. As operators take on greater ownership of the equipment they carry in their retail outlets, they are also partnering with equipment distributors who specialize in Asset Recovery, helping them generate maximum value for unsold and returned equipment.

Operators are also trying to reduce expensive subsidies to first-time customers and renewing subscribers. They are offering less costly incentives that encourage subscribers to continue using still working equipment. They are also offering high quality reconditioned devices in the latest models and technologies as an alternative to more expensive brand new equipment.

Managed properly, the combination of strategies such as these routinely have a positive impact on profitability. Operators worldwide have partnered with PCS Wireless to successfully execute these types of proven cost optimization and revenue improvement programs.

Open Market Programs

Take advantage of market dynamics and fluctuating demand for both new and pre-owned devices. Time your sales and purchases wisely and take advantage of the peaks and valleys of the global mobile equipment marketplace.

Asset Recovery

Recover and retain maximum value for distressed inventory, whether it’s unsold or returned, PCS will help you minimize business loss and distribute your products responsibly.

Buyback Programs

Offer your customers the greatest possible value for their returned merchandise, so you can retain their business and maintain their loyalty. PCS will provide all the support you need to run an efficient and effective buyback program.

PCS Wireless Online Auction

Join the PCS Wireless Online Auction to take advantage of market-driven pricing and access a vast network of global retailers and distributors. Members of the Online Auction site can place bids on current auctions or purchase products outright.

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