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Move quickly and capitalize on market demand

PCS Wireless understands the complexity of distributing mobile equipment in today’s marketplace. Equipment distributors face numerous challenges including accurately predicting market demand, securing the right products in a timely fashion, and reaching local markets efficiently and effectively.

Through our Open Market Programs and OEM Value Added Distribution, PCS Wireless is able to partner with fellow distributors and wholesalers by purchasing products that aren’t selling as anticipated in the markets or channels for which they were originally intended. We also sell equipment to distributors and wholesalers that they can’t source elsewhere and help them reach markets in which they are unaccustomed to operating.

Top distributors and wholesalers the world over source mobile products from PCS Wireless to avail themselves of our diverse inventory; gaining access to high quality pre-owned devices that have been reconditioned, repaired, or remanufactured in accordance with the industry’s highest standards. Learn more about our many certifications.

At PCS we recognize the importance of moving quickly to leverage opportunities created by shifts in demand across the global equipment marketplace. We also understand the value of flawless logistical execution and timely deliveries. Our commercial team is well versed in the pricing thresholds that create profitable business opportunities for our distributor partners and strives to build relationships that benefit both parties well into the future.

Open Market Programs

Take advantage of market dynamics and fluctuating demand for both new and pre-owned devices. Time your sales and purchases wisely and take advantage of the peaks and valleys of the global mobile equipment marketplace.

Asset Recovery

Recover and retain maximum value for distressed inventory, whether it’s unsold or returned, PCS will help you minimize business loss and distribute your products responsibly.

PCS Wireless Online Auction

Join the PCS Wireless Online Auction to take advantage of market-driven pricing and access a vast network of global retailers and distributors. Members of the Online Auction site can place bids on current auctions or purchase products outright.

Get Maximum
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